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2022-23 Season


Toronto City Opera is back with a full season of 3 great classic operas. Experience Live Opera again!

Come to the Opera!

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Tosca – Giacomo Puccini


The Eternal City’s famous drama of the passionate operatic diva, her heroic artist lover and their sadistic nemesis during a few tempestuous hours in June of the turbulent year 1800.


From its authenticity of location and historical circumstance springs forth one of the most emotionally stirring dramatic works - the perfect first experience for the operatic neophyte and one which the connoisseur returns to forever.


Tosca is irresistible because of Puccini’s compositional precision and sublime melodies, amplifying with rare fluency his insightful explorations of a heroine’s psyche, her freedom-fighting lover’s genuine affection, the consummation of a villain’s treachery, the simultaneous extremes of the sacred and profane.


This Opera in Concert will thrill you with an intimate and unique performance that brings you closer to this passionate music than you have ever been before.


Our new production with piano accompaniment will be sung in the original Italian with projections featuring the actual Roman locations in the opera.  A narrator will illuminate the key actions in the opera. The running time will be approximately 2:30 with one 20 minute Intermission.

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Don Giovanni – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


“The opera of all operas.” (E.T.A. Hoffmann)


The eminent adaptation of the figure of Don Juan has received supreme praise from so many iconic minds since its advent in 1787 amid a revolutionary time. Mozart and librettist da Ponte managed to present a new kind of philosophical opera with political implications – and with a titular character who tests the boundaries of the ideas of the time to the extreme. Those ideas have not gone away.


Don Giovanni is a character that is ripe for psychological interpretation regarding human motivation, as are all the other characters as they react to him. His individualistic defiance against limitations directly links to the Greek hero breaking through to new possibilities of the human condition and the birth of Tragedy.


And that makes him as alluring to his conquests as Mozart’s best music.


“The three most beautiful things that God has made are the sea, Hamlet and Mozart's Don Giovanni”

(Gustave Flaubert)


To help illuminate all aspects of the opera we will set it in Hollywood in the 1940's - produced in film noir style. This fully staged production will be sung in the original Italian with English supertitles

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Die Fledermaus  [The Revenge of the Bat] – Johann Straus II


Oh, what a party, what a night full of "Freud"!


The champagne flows as dozens and dozens of intoxicating melodies enchant through this comedic feast of the senses. Elegance and decadence, deception and frivolity mingle on a night of unintended consequences. True emotions and true identities still surface even with elaborate attempts to hide them.

A shining example of Comic opera, Die Fledermaus is a perennial audience favourite. It sustains its renowned entertainment value not only because of its endless melodic delight, but also because its dramatic complexity contains stimulating undertones for musing reflection woven into its hilarity and joy.


To happy endings even if it is the champagne!


This fully staged production will be sung in the original German with English supertitles. Dialogue will be in English.

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Don Giovanni
Die Fledermaus

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